The Rector of AUEB Professor Dimitris Bourantonis at the Delphi Economic Forum VII

The Rector of Athens University of Economic and Business Professor Dimitris Bourantonis participated in the panel

UNIVERSITIES AFTER BREXIT: WHAT FUTURE FOR UK - GREEK TIES?, held on 6/4/22 at the Delphi Economic Forum VII.

Rector Bourantonis discussed about the willingness of the Greek academic community to see steps to be taken in order to enhance the ties between the Greek and the British universities for the interest of both countries students. He talked about the creation of a roadmap of cooperative schemes focusing on the exchange of visiting professors, students exchange programmes, joint supervisions, joint research workshops and annual conferences, as well as other - high intensity - schemes aiming at the establishment of joint doctoral programmes and joint undergraduate programmes.

Panel participants:
Anastasia Andritsou , Director, British Council
Vivienne Stern, Director, Universities UK International UUKi, UK
Dimitrios Bourantonis, Rector, Athens University of Economics & Business
Stuart Bond, Head of the Upper School, St. Catherine’s British School
Andreas Boudouvis, Rector, National Technical University of Athens

Chair: Kevin Featherstone, Eleftherios Venizelos Prof. of Contemporary Greek Studies & Prof. of EU Politics, LSE