Alphabetical Listing of University Staff

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Economides George Professor Department of International & European Economic Studies 8203 729
Economidou Avgi Administrative Faculty
Economou Georgios Administrative Faculty
Eleftheriou Ageliki Administrative Faculty (ΜΟΔΥ/ΕΛΚΕ - Αν. Προϊσταμένη Μονάδας) Department of Administrative Support 8203 251
ELEFTHEROGLOU LINA Administrative Faculty (ΜΟΔΥ/ΕΛΚΕ) Department of Projects' Management 8203104
Episcopos Athanasios Associate Professor Department of Accounting and Finance 8203 364
Esmerlis Nikolaos Administrative Faculty (Διεύθυνση Διοικητικού) Protocol and Processing Office 8203 213
Evangelatos Andreas Laboratorial Teaching Staff Masters of Management Science & Technology, Department of Marketing and Communication 8203 436
EXARCHOU EVI Administrative Faculty (ΜΟΔΥ/ΕΛΚΕ) Athens Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Technology Transfer - ACEin 8203753