Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

  1. Community volunteering “AUEB Volunteers”: we volunteered in several programs, in cooperation with NGOs, and organized a run-race at the city centre, named OPA Run. On 6/5/2018, the 1st Road Race of AUEB took place at Areos Park. On 12/5/2019 the 2nd Road Race took place with more than 1,600 runners filling the historical park with the motto "All together for Areos Park", with the participation of the community of AUEB with a large number of students, members of the teaching staff research and administrative staff. The Attica Region was the co-organizer, while it was performed under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens and with the support of the Panhellenic Gymnastics Association. Part of the proceeds was donated to KETHEA DIAVASI, the largest network of social reintegration of former drug-addicts. This action is also subject to Objective 3.
  2. Seminars and competitions: on this topic AUEB organized several seminars or participated in competitions, such as: "Monuments in the center of life, sustainability and sustainable development", “The Digital Gate III” in cooperation with the Athens International Airport and finally, the "Aldemar Academy 2019" Program, where students had to create a "business plan" regarding the creation of the 1st Modern Experiential Park of the Olympic Ideal.
  3. Media awareness: through AUEB’s newspaper “OPAnews” as well as several press releases we raised awareness on the topic of sustainable cities, through interviews, scientific articles written by our faculty members as well as communicated our seminars and events.

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